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Thermometer calibration – quick and easy with SIKA temperature calibrators

Thermometer calibration is essential for the correct use of temperature measuring instruments. This is the only way to ensure accurate measurements. Unfortunately, this fact is too often neglected in the daily use of devices for measuring temperatures. Assumption of the correct functioning of temperature sensors is too entrenched. This is a mistake, because regardless of whether it is sterilisation of medical products, regulation of the internal temperature of a refrigerator, temperature correction of fuel, measuring instruments at weather stations or clinical processes, accurate measurements in all conditions are only possible with expert calibration of the devices.

Get to know SIKA as a trusted partner who can help you with thermometer calibration and has the right model available for every requirement.

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How SIKA helps you with thermometer calibration

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At SIKA, the calibration of thermometers is a quick, easy, flexible and convenient process. As a calibration specialist, we carry out calibrations on your test equipment in temperature ranges from -30°C to 1000°C. SIKA has been a member of the German Calibration Service (DKD) since 1995 and is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience.

Trust in our expertise. With our market knowledge, you have a contact person at your side to provide advice and support when it comes to the widest range of solutions for measuring instrument calibration. SIKA ensures short calibration procedures, easy operation and automated processes.

Calibrate thermometers with SIKA temperature calibrators – the right model for every requirement


Not for nothing are a large number of SIKA products now being used in a wide variety of industries worldwide, such as the industrial thermometer that SIKA invented 80 years ago.

Whether it is a temperature calibrator, an industrial thermometer or a flow sensor, SIKA always has the right product for your requirements.

You can realise the full potential of calibration with the TP Premium family. With a temperature range from -55°C to 700°C, the high-quality TP Premium series includes calibrators that are suitable for a variety of applications. An innovative state control system ensures a short calibration time with maximum accuracy.

Get to know our temperature calibrators


For example, the dry block temperature calibrator was developed to enable easy calibration of the temperature in lab and field applications. The optimum thermal coupling from block to device under test is achieved by the correct calibration insert. With the help of the calibration insert, almost all straight temperature sensors with different lengths and diameters can be calibrated. The user does not have to take viscosities, flash points or outgassing into consideration.

The latest features of SIKA temperature calibrators

At SIKA, we are always striving to simplify the calibration process to the greatest extent possible. We ensure optimised calibration results with new features and help you to speed up your processes. As a result, you have significantly more time available for your internal workflows.

For example, the camera function can be used to run the calibration process automatically. This is because the thermometer takes a picture at each test point. It then travels to the next test point. Only after the entire process has been completed are the results transferred to the calibration certificate. The photos generated serve as additional proof of the completed calibration and are also entered into the certificate.

Our WebApp makes enables simple remote calibration. With the WebApp, you can view calibrations on the end device of your choice. Whether ongoing or completed calibrations – you can access and control them conveniently in your browser. The WebApp functions not only provide remote access to various settings and functions, but also allow you to view system information and log data.

With our TP Premium temperature calibrators, you can also calibrate with minimal effort. Calibration without certificate issuance, or easy mode, is suitable for simple calibration tasks. Once a temperature is entered, the calibrator immediately applies the desired temperature and keeps it stable. This handy feature simplifies your calibration tasks.

With our new features, calibration becomes child's play. Contact us for more information.

Manufacturer's certificates – proof of your accurate calibration of thermometers

Each time a new device is ordered, the manufacturer's certificate is provided by SIKA at the same time. This test certificate contains the most important information about the device, such as the protective conductor test, the serial number, the high-voltage, protective conductor and insulation tests, as well as test points. The certificate thus guarantees that your new temperature calibrator with the assigned serial number works as specified by SIKA.

If you need to introduce a calibration interval and require regular calibration of your thermometer, you have the choice between DAkkS or ISO calibration. Both types of calibration are traceable and are performed by SIKA with the same precision. In the case of ISO calibrations, the processes are carried out as part of quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001ff. DAkkS calibration certificates, on the other hand, are subject to regular monitoring by the accreditation body. An ISO calibration has the advantage that it is generally somewhat cheaper, but it is not always sufficient for specific scenarios. If you need international recognition of your calibration certificates or if the company has other requirements, DAkkS calibration is often the better option.

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