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80 years of experience

Leading the way with a pioneering spirit

We know exactly where our products are used. That's why they work so well and last so long.

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Measurable expertise

With SIKA you measure temperatures, flow rates and pressure - Perfectly matched to your application by high-grade co-engineering and best quality for you.

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Reaching the goal together

No two jobs are the same - that's why we work closely with our customers to find an individual solution.

Sensors for HVAC Manufacturers

Do standard products not cover your requirements? No problem! We are your partner when it comes to quality and safety. SIKA sensors are used in market-leading devices manufactured in large quantities as well as in innovative systems found in smaller niche applications.

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Our great vertical range of manufacture and our metrological know-how enable us to produce exceptionally good sensors, because there is a story behind every development. From the idea to the finished product, we work on individual solutions in high-quality co-engineering.



Do the SIKA standard products not cover your requirements? No problem! Challenging installation situations and a wide variety of, sometimes extreme, environmental conditions require a precisely fitting product. We support you with individual solutions and design sensors tailored to your application.

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We test it ourselves.
In our TestLabs.

Our claim? A lot of commitment for the best quality. Our sensors impress with their durability, robustness and precision. They reliably withstand even strong vibrations, extreme weather conditions and high voltage. In order to meet the high demands placed on the products, we carry out numerous tests accompanying development and production in our own TestLabs:

  • Long-term function tests
  • Temperature cycling test
  • Vibration test
  • Measurement medium test

In close cooperation with you, we match the adapted sensors to your application in the SIKA TestLabs through a series of agreed tests under specific environmental conditions.


We are your partner for customised solutions in measurement technology. Together with you, we turn ideas into solutions.