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Calibrate temperature and pressure

With our many years of experience, we are your competent partner for precise calibration and offer you an extensive product range - from mobile temperature calibrators with temperature ranges from -55°C to 1300°C to handy process calibrators, high-quality hand-held test pumps and table calibrators to high-precision oil pressure balances. We are your reliable partner in calibration technology and offer you a wide range of temperature and pressure calibrators in addition to a variety of measuring instruments and sensors. The areas of application of our products range from projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to temperature and pressure calibration in engine rooms on ships at sea and are as diverse as our customers.

Temperature calibrators

SIKA's compact and robust temperature calibrators are easy to transport, simple to operate and have all the performance features needed for the test in question.

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Process calibrators

Process calibrators measure and generate a wide variety of process variables. The portable, extremely handy instruments are ideal for on-site use.

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Test pump hydraulic P1000.2 pressure hose

Test Pumps

The latest generation of SIKA test pumps combines precision - even at high pressures - with high processing quality. Depending on the model, either air, distilled water or hydraulic oil can be used as the test medium.

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Oil Deadweight Testers

The measuring principle of our oil pressure scales offers the highest reliability and consistency over a long period of time in terms of stability, repeatability and accuracy. They can also be adapted to the local gravitational acceleration instead of the standard gravitational acceleration of 9.80665 m/s².

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