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That is why calibration is so important.

Correct and reliable measurements are the prerequisites for any high-quality industrial production. With increasing duration of use, drift occurs even with the highest quality sensors. Only regular calibration provides information about the difference between actual and measured temperature.

Our products are developed and manufactured according to DAkkS requirements, long-term reliability and the highest quality, so that you can always ensure consistent quality of your products.


  • Ensure high and continuous product quality
  • Compliance with industrial standards and legal regulations
  • Optimise processes and increase productivity
  • Avoid unexpected production downtime



Machine downtime during calibration costs time and money. That is why we have developed the fastest temperature calibrators that reduce calibration time by up to 30 %. Experience and knowledge from the aerospace industry make our innovative temperature calibrators the fastest and most temperature-stable on the market. With our mobile temperature calibrators, you calibrate directly on site - in the shortest possible time. We apply our experience as a manufacturer to the continuous further development of our products. For more safety for you and your customers.

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Pressure calibration

Pneumatic and hydraulic test pumps for calibration of pressure sensors and manometers.

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Temperature calibration

Temperature calibrators for a wide range of applications such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, industry.

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We simply take care of the recalibration for you - in our own DAkkS laboratory. We have been a member of the German Calibration Service (DKD) since 1995 and are accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Temperature laboratory

Accredited are temperature ranges from -30...1300 °C. Dry block calibrators can be calibrated in this measuring range. Thermocouples can be calibrated in the range -30...1000 °C, resistance thermometers in the range -30...960 °C.

Pressure laboratory

Our calibration laboratory for the measurands "absolute pressure and positive overpressure" offers the possibility to calibrate indicating analogue and digital pressure measuring instruments as well as pressure sensors with electrical output signals such as 0...10 V or 4...20 mA.

The calibration is carried out as a comparison measurement against a pressure gauge used as a reference standard. With the help of this pressure gauge, the calibration object can be subjected to defined pressures in the range of 1...1200 bar. The smallest possible measurement uncertainties are 0.7 mbar, depending on the measuring range.


Calibration services / Returns

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