Product return procedure

Note regarding the procedure:

In the case of a re-calibration, repair or complaint, you can considerably reduce the turnaround time by following our return shipment instructions.

Due to technical difficulties, it is currently not possible to send the e-mails automatically. We are working on a solution and will provide you with your completed forms manually. This may take some time. We ask you to excuse this.

  • Please fill in the complete product return form, before you send the goods back.
  • Always observe our instructions regarding the harmlessness or decontamination of your shipment.
  • After receiving your data, you will get the product return form and a forwarding label each with a Return Merchandise Authorisation Number (RMA) as a Pdf-file by e-mail.
  • Please enclose the product return form to your shipment. Return "free to the door".
  • In the case of an unmarked or unfree consignment, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance or to send it back.

In case of return of goods (stock clearing) please make sure you contact our sales or service department beforehand!

Inspection lump sums: For unjustified complaints (no errors, incorrect operation, outside from warranty, etc.), we allow us to charge the shipping costs and a inspection lump sum.

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  • In the event of a warranty claim, SIKA will, at its own discretion, repair the defective product with original spare parts or replace it with a new or as-new product or issue a credit note.
  • SIKA reserves the right to charge for investigation costs, repairs and/ or spare parts not covered under warranty.
  • The inspection fees depend on the product, a list can be found HERE
  • Devices or assemblies replaced under warranty or goodwill become the property of SIKA.

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