Table top test pumps with spindle wheel / Pressure range up to 1400 bar

Type P1400.G

  • Simple and fast pressure generation with smooth-running spindle

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Whether for on-site use in the workshop, in the measuring and test room or lab, SIKA temperature calibrators can be used everywhere. A wide range of industries and various application areas are covered.

• assembly, commissioning

• manufacturing, production

• maintenance, service

• quality assurance, test equipment monitoring

• repair

The latest generation of comparison test pumps combines precision - even at high pressures - with high processing quality. All parts in contact with medium are made of stainless steel, which ensures wear-free operation.

The carefully considered design of these comparison test pumps enables an easy mounting of the DUT, even with large nominal diameters, without sacrificing handiness. The built-in adapters on the pressure connections also allow free alignment of the reference pressure gauge and the DUT. This means that almost any test situation can be taken into account.

Distilled water or hydraulic oil can be used as the test medium, depending on the model. Distilled water is an excellent calibration medium as it can be removed without any problems and residues. This makes it possible, for example, to test sensors that must not be contaminated by oil. For test pressures above 1000 bar, hydraulic oil is recommended, as its higher viscosity allows easier test pressure generation.

The filling of the pressure body and the test pressure generation are carried out in a very simple manner by means of a rotatable spindle. The standard pressure medium reservoir installed on the test pump enables the charging of large volumes without any problems. Pressure fluctuations due to air and gas components in the filling liquid, the compensation of thermodynamic effects as well as an exact setting of the desired test pressure are carried out via the fine adjustment.


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