Digital thermometers battery operation / Industry version

Type DiTemp LCK

  • Good readability of the process parameters. High contrast LCD
  • robust mechanical construction. Reliable and long-lasting operation
  • continuous self-test. Maximum operational reliability
  • up to 4 years of energy self-sufficient operation. Long-lasting lithium battery
  • no complex wiring required, 10 years lifetime (display unit)

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The digital thermometers of the DiTemp product series work with a discrete-time measuring method. The cycle time of the measurement starts from 3 sec, so that the operator can read the current measured value in passing. The DiTemp has an easy-to-read LCD-based display.

The instruments of the DiTemp series have a robust mechanical construction and are designed for industrial use as well as for use under difficult environmental conditions. The IP65 protection class (front side) meets these requirements. The immunity to electromagnetic interference complies with the requirements of the applicable industry standards.

After start-up, the instrument performs an internal self-test, checking the functionality of the connected sensor as well. Automatic diagnostic routines in the microprocessor permanently monitor the sensor signal for plausibility and can thus signal a sensor break via the display unit. The results are displayed as a message.

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