Product innovations

The new generation of magnetically inductive flow sensors

The revised VMZ.2 series in the nominal diameters of DN 3 to DN 25 is nowavailable with an improved frequency signal and an optional analogue output signal of 4…20 mA. Even the most varied of aggressive media can be dosed reliably and precisely by using Hastelloy® electrodes, with a minimised pressure drop.

In the nominal diameters of DN 3 to DN 25, the VMZ.2 series impresses thanks to its excellent measuring accuracy and measuring ranges of 0.1 l/min to 250 l/min. After extensive further development, two optional analogue output signals of 4…20 mA and 0.5…10 V are available in addition to an optimised frequency signal of up to 2,000 Hz.

The magnetically inductive flow sensors from the VMZ.2 series already work from a minimum conductivity of just 20 µS/cm. It can dose additives reliably and precisely thanks to its low response times of < 100 ms. Pressure drops are optimally minimised with the free measuring pipe cross-section. The use of high-quality Hastelloy® electrodes gives it a high resistance against the most varied of aggressive media. This even qualifies it for applications in the chemical industry.

The new VMZ.2s without moving parts are not sensitive to foreign objects, and they don’t give wear a chance. Their compact form, produced from high-quality plastic and stainless-steel components, allows it to be installed in a way which saves space, regardless of the installation position.

Precise, high-quality and reliable – Just like SIKA.