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What Makes SIKA Turbine Flow Meters So Special?

In an earlier blog post, I described the general functioning of our turbine flow meters from the VTY series. Today, we turn our attention to why this SIKA turbine flow meter is the right choice for a wide range of applications.

The VTY turbine flow sensors from SIKA are available in the sizes DN10, DN15, DN20 and, most recently, in DN25. All these nominal diameters start their reliable measurement already at a flow rate of 1 l/min. This is achieved due to the geometry of the rotor in combination with the perforated disk. The perforated disk bundles the medium and directs it to the rotor at the ideal angle. The rotor starts to rotate at approximately 0.8 l/min and emits a signal. The stable measurement signal is reached from 1 l/min.

Another key feature is the durability of the SIKA turbine flow sensors. The exceptionally robust and high-quality bearing, which is made from sapphire and hard metal, provides the basis for a long service life. The bearing is also flushed by the medium, so that the forces that occur are reduced and the turbine system lasts for even longer.

We determine the service life for each nominal diameter using what is known as an overload test. In this test, several turbine systems with an identical configuration are operated with up to 2.5 times the volumetric flow (relative to the final scale range value), at a high temperature and in 24/7 continuous operation. The test usually lasts for approximately half a year. Once the first turbine system no longer reaches the specified accuracy, the test is considered to be over.

On this basis, the product lifetime can then be calculated in terms of the actual flow rate. For instance, the typical service life of the VTY turbine with a nominal diameter of DN15 in continuous operation at 20 l/min is approximately 10 years.

The experience gathered over the course of 25 years and from more than 2.5 million VTY turbines in the field attest to the excellent quality.

The SIKA turbine flow meters are especially compact. They therefore find frequent use in applications in which space is limited. And if no space is available, the push-in turbine flow sensor can be integrated directly into the existing pipework. We will be pleased to support you in this. At our test laboratory, we can also operate the customer hydraulics on the SIKA test bench and thereby individually determine the measurement properties for the respective application.

And finally: SIKA turbine flow meters are frequently used in potable water applications. The approvals necessary for this are naturally available. At this point, special reference is made to the drinking water hygiene suitability according to System 1+. To fulfil these requirements, not only is the product tested at an external laboratory, but the entire production process is also monitored by an external body, like a certification authority, for example. And that takes place every year!