Industrial version (type B) with male thread WITHOUT removing the immersion tube

Use the part number on the capillary insert to directly order the appropriate replacement industrial thermometer.

Please follow the instructions in steps 1 to 4
ADVANTAGE: Your ongoing process does not have to be interrupted!


Step 1 - Remove the thermometer housing

Safety instructions

  • The industrial thermometer and immersion tube can become very hot during operation.
    Remove the industrial thermometer at high temperatures with gloves.
  • The glass insert is fragile. Do not squeeze the glass insert with your fingers.


Spare part order industrial thermometer


Step 2 - Write down order text

The order text is located on the back of the glass insert.

EXAMPLE: 271B 0+120°C/63 DIN 16189B


Step 3 - Inquiry or order


Step 4 - Installation of replacement industrial thermometer

  • The spare part industrial thermometer is always supplied with brass immersion tube and process connection G1/2 for optimum transport protection.
  • For installation, please only remove the brass immersion tube (transport protection) and then install the housing of the thermometer (with glass insert) in the immersion tube remaining in the process.
    (If necessary, see operating manual for SIKA industrial thermometers)

Order form as Pdf file 

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