Vortex flow sensors with threaded connection / Brass version

Type VVX32 - 40 MS

  • No mechanical wear. Flow sensor without moving parts for water.
  • Completely encapsulated piezoceramic sensor for vortex detection. No direct contact with the medium.
  • Highest stability and performance. Robust brass or stainless steel housing.

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The SIKA VVX is used for the flow measurement of water at medium and high measuring ranges.

It is used, e.g, in high-capacity heat pumps and industrial facilities.

Behind a flowed-around bluff body, counter-rotating and mutually offset vortices arise. The vortices detach at the edges of the bluff body and form a Kármán vortex street in the flow. The distance between the individual vortices is constant. The frequency at which the vortices flow past a sensor depends on the flow velocity and is proportional to the flow rate. The sensor detects the vortices, which are converted into an electrical frequency signal.

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