Turbine flow sensors with threaded connection / Version for HVAC and industrial applications

Type VT20

  • With protective circuit
  • high resolution of the output signal

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The SIKA turbine flow sensor type VT20 is used for flow measurement and dosing in water and water mixtures. The sensor is used in many applications, including:

• monitoring of cooling circuits in machine and plant construction

• water treatment

• cleaning processes

• dosing

The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is divided into partial jets by the blading. These hit the rotor uniformly from different directions and cause it to rotate. The speed of the rotor is now converted into an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotor is equipped with magnets, a Hall effect sensor detects the rotational movement.

A flow proportional frequency signal (square wave signal) is available.

The geometry of the blading and rotor enables the realization of very low start-up values.

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