TP Premium / Dryblock-temperature calibrator

Type TP 37700E.2

  • Patented control technology - time saving up to 50 %
  • fastest stabilisation times on the market
  • patented touch screen function

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Whether for on-site use in the workshop, in the measuring and test room or laboratory, SIKA temperature calibrators can be used everywhere. A wide range of industries and various application areas are covered.

• assembly, commissioning

• manufacturing, production

• maintenance, service

• quality assurance, test equipment monitoring

• repair

Dry block function

The dry block function was developed to enable easy calibration of the temperature in lab and field applications. The optimum thermal coupling from block to DUT is achieved by the correct calibration insert. Ideally, the inner diameter of the bore hole in the calibration insert is 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the DUT. With the help of the calibration insert almost all straight temperature sensors with different lengths and diameters can be calibrated. The dry block covers the entire temperature range without changing the calibration medium. The user does not have to take viscosities, flash points or outgassing into consideration.


The extensive range of accessories for the TP Premium series enables time-saving calibration setups. For example, DUT can be identified via barcode scanner or an ongoing or already completed calibration process can be displayed via WLAN connection on a PC or smartphone anywhere in the world. Thanks to the possibility of connecting an external measuring bridge directly to the calibrators, many DUT can be calibrated at the same time – including automatic generation of individual SIKA works calibration certificates.

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