Industrial thermometers with wall bracket / Special version as tank thermometer

  • Thermometer for measuring temperatures in liquid tanks
  • with perforated, cup-shaped bottom part
  • lifetime warranty (excluding glass breakage and improper installation)
  • completely without electrical auxiliary energy

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Special thermometer for measuring temperatures in liquid tanks. With perforated cup-shaped bottom part. Display range 0...120 °C.


Nominal size 200 mm, aluminium, V-shaped, smoothly polished on all sides, anodised in brass colour, numbers of the display range printed in black on the right-hand side of the scale under the anodised layer.

Glass insert (capillary)

Prismatic capillary in rod form made of solid glass, approx. 8 mm Ø, and white background with blue liquid filling. The graduation of the capillary is burnt in black and therefore absolutely durable. Main graduation marks, which correspond to the numbers printed in the casing, are particularly strong and distinctive.

Thermometric filling

In standard version from 0...120 °C blue thermometric liquid ("Fü").

Scale graduation values and error limits

SIKA industrial thermometers meet the requirements of DIN 16195 "Requirements and testing of industrial glass thermometers". Scale graduation values and error limits are defined depending on the casing size and the display range.

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