Oval gear flow meter with threaded connection / Stainless steel casing and PEEK sensor element

  • very good accuracy and repeatability
  • low pressure drop
  • suitable for industrial and chemical liquids, mineral oils and fuels
  • insensitive to vibration, pressure changes and viscosity changes

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The SIKA oval wheel meters were developed for volume and volumetric flow measurement of liquids. They are used in applications such as lubricant monitoring or food and beverage production.

• displacement flow meters with direct recording of the volume

• no inlet and outlet sections required

• high-quality construction for long service life and high reliability

• high long-term stability

• high measuring accuracy and repeatability

• easy installation

Oval wheel meters are displacement flow meters that transport defined partial volumes in individual measuring chambers. The sensor element consists of two high-precision, toothed oval wheels that are driven by the flow of the medium and roll upon each other. With each revolution of the oval wheel pair, a specific volume is thus transported. The number of revolutions is the measure of the amount of liquid passed through. The revolutions are recorded by a sensor element.

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