Multifunction process calibrator for electrical signals Type EC 25


Product description

Possible areas of application Multifunction simulator Type EC 25

SIKA process calibrators have been developed for simple and flexible calibration and maintenance. Various tests can be performed in a single operation without having to change instruments. This saves time. SIKA multifunction process calibrators combine the functions of a wide range of individual devices into a single unit.

Main applications

  • Service, maintenance and repair
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing laboratories and research
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Process industry
  • Energy supply
  • Machine and apparatus engineering

Numerous other applications are also possible.



Steps and ramps
An automatic program is generated for periodic calls. The type of signal, duration and value are defined. Start delay, number of repetitions and a continuous linear increasing or decreasing characteristic can be individually programmed.

High-speed call
Signal values needed time and again are permanently or flexibly stored in the simulator and can be recalled quickly at the push of a button.

Technical features

Technical features

Resistance thermometer (RTD)
RTD signal generation and
Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Cu10, Cu50

Ω-generator function 0...40 000 Ω
Ω-measurement function 0...5500 Ω
Accuracy (rdg. + const.) ±0,05 %
Selectable temperature unit °C / °F
Measurement of multi-wire
2 / 3

Thermocouples (TC)
TC signal generation and
J, K, T, R, S, B, N, E

mV generator function -100...110 mV
mV measurement function -50...550 mV
Accuracy (rdg. + const.) ±0,02 %
Selectable temperature unit °C / °F
Internal comparison point ±0,05 °C
Current (mA)
Loop current signal generation 0...22 mA
Loop current signal measurement -5...55 mA
Accuracy (of rdg. + const.) ±0,02 %
Current loop supply 24 V ±10 %, 22 mA
Voltage (V)
Voltage signal generation -1...11 V
Voltage signal measurement -5...55 V
Accuracy (of rdg. + const.) ±0,02 %
Continuity (O / C)
Continuity measurement O / C
Switching threshold "open" 0,5 kΩ
Frequency and pulse (Hz)
Frequency and pulse signal
3 Hz...110 kHz

Frequency and pulse signal
3 Hz...50 kHz

Accuracy (of rdg. + const.) ±0,005 %


Functions at generation
High-speed call values 7 points (fix) in 25 % steps
Linear steps and ramps yes
Output zero yes
Transmitter function simulation yes
Functions at measurement
Measured value hold function yes
Averaging function yes
Room temperature display yes

Operator guidance

  • Keypad
  • Separate channels for parallel signal processing

Battery supply / Operating time

  • About 20 h with Auto-Power off


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