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Force and weight measuring instruments

Force and weight measurement is part and parcel of a large number of industrial applications. For applications such as measuring forces in packaging or filling machines, weighing silos in outdoor areas, measuring operating forces in the development of new products or force measurement in testing machines – SIKA offers a comprehensive range of components for industrial force measurement. For all aspects of testing machines, we supply sensors that comply with ISO 376 and force calibration systems that consist of extremely accurate sensors and measurement amplifiers.

Our force sensors and load cells, measurement amplifiers, software and accessories can be used to create measurement solutions for numerous fields of application. In addition to our standard sensors, whose diverse application possibilities can cover virtually every application, we offer systems that are tailored to special applications. Contact us if you have specific requirements for a force measurement system. We can advise you on component selection. If necessary, we can also develop and manufacture special products tailored to your needs.


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