Temperature sensor Type WTA


Product description

Possible areas of application Temperature sensor Type WDS

The sensor is designed for room temperature measurement in vehicles. A variety of requirements were taken into consideration during the realization:

  • Actively ventilated sensor elements => Enables hidden rear wall mounting combined with short response time
  • Two integrated sensor elements => Cost savings through variant reduction
  • Low noise fan => Passenger is not disturbed by fan noise
  • Very high vibration resistance => Reliable and durable operation
  • Type-tested according to DIN EN 50155

Temperature sensors have very distinct fields of operation and the conditions they are subject to are often harsh. The advantage for you is that our experienced engineers are aware of these requirements and factor them into the product design, providing a reliable and targeted solution to the problem.



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Technical features

Technical features

Modular room temperature sensor for rear wall mounting, actively ventilated
Accuracy class
Temperature sensors NTC 5k ± 1% (B25/85 = 3970 K ± 1%) and 
NTC 2k ± 1% (B25/85 = 3200 K ± 1%)
Dimensions 81,5 x 42 x 11,6 mm [W x H x D]
Material Various
Sensor element 1 x NTC 5k und 1 x NTC 2k
Measuring insert Not interchangeable
Measuring range -40...85 °C
Process connection Drill holes 4 mm (optionally with customer-specific mounting plates)
Electrical connection Plug WAGO, 5-pin
Degree of protection IP10






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