Differential pressure gauge with 2 bourdon tubes type MDE

Product description

Possible areas of application Differential pressure gauge with 2 bourdon tubes type MDE

SIKA differential pressure gauges with two bourdon tubes are instruments for measuring two different pressures and indication of the differential pressure. They are used in heating systems (supply and return lines) and filter systems.



Differential pressure gauges should be selected with a fullscale value that is at least as large as the maximum pressure occurring in the system. The pressure gauges can be operated at pressures up to the maximum scale pressure, but they cannot withstand overpressure. To ensure good readability of the differential pressure, the differential pressure should not be less than about 20% of the full scale value. If the differential pressure is significantly lower, other types of devices, such as diaphragm pressure gauges or models with two bourdon tubes and a single pointer, are more suitable.

The instruments are provided with two independently working measuring systems, each system with its own pressure connection. The connections are marked with + and - (+ for the higher pressure, - for the lower pressure). A special duplex movement with the pointer arbors seated co-axial into each other transfers the pressure proportional motions of both Bourdon tubes to the pointers.

Display ranges
DIN display ranges available from 0…0.6 bar to zu 0…600 bar.

Case type
The stainless steel case is available with a bayonet ring. Case ventilation is provided by a pressure equalisation insert.

Technical features

Technical features

Pressure gauges compliant with EN 837-1
Display ranges From 0...0,6 bar to 0...600 bar
Dial with dual scale bar / mWS for the reading of the
pressures in each system
Nominal size
100 mm
160 mm
Mechanical design Stainless steel case with bayonet ring
Brass or stainless steel threaded connection Brass
Stainless steel
EN 837-1 accuracy Class 1.6

Maximum pressure load

Static load
Dynamic load


100% of full-scale value
90 % of full-scale value
Full-scale value

Storage temperature -40 to 70 °C (-20 to 70 °C with filled case)
Ambient operating temperature -40 to 60 °C (-20 to 60 °C with filled case)

Media temperature

Gauges with brass connection
Gauges with stainless steel connection


60 °C max.
100 °C max.


  • Other connection threads
  • Other display ranges and / or special scales
  • Front or rear mounting flange or u-clamp
  • Gauges with brass connection threads have laminated safety glass windows.
  • Versions for higher media temperatures
  • With glycerine filled case
  • Customer-specific special scales available with large order quantities
  • Mounting on pressure transducers possible on request for the version with stainless steel connection


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