Diaphragm pressure gauge type MPE

Product description

Possible areas of application Diaphragm pressure gauge type MPE

Pressure gauges with horizontal diaphragm allow to find suitable versions for even difficult kinds of media, such as aggressive, contaminated or viscous media. The stainless steel bayonet ring case is designed for applications where a rust resistant, sealed case of high chemical resistance is required (dirty damp, or corrosive atmosphere).



Display ranges
Display ranges from 0..10 bar up to 0…40 bar, with PTFE-foil starting at 0...40 mbar; filled starting at 0...40 mbar available.

Connection threads and materials
Type 316L pressure gauges with stainless steel connection are available with a stainless steel diaphragm (40 to 250 mbar) or a Duratherm diaphragm (0.4 to 40 bar). In addition, they can optionally be produced with PTFE lining.


Technical features

Technical features

Pressure gauges compliant with EN 837-3
Display ranges
0...10 mbar to 0...40 bar (unfilled)
0...40 mbar to 0...40 bar (filled)
Nominal size
100 mm
160 mm
Mechanical design Stainless steel case with bayonet ring

Connections at bottom

enlarged channel opening in case of PTFE lining, optional open flange


Stainless steel

EN 837-3 accuracy
Class 1.6
Class 2.5 (with protecting foil)

Maximum pressure load

Static load
Dynamic load


100 % of full scale values
90 % of full scale values
Up to 5-times, max. 40bar


  • Inlet port orifice up to Ø 10 mm
  • Hygienic connection, e.g. according to DIN 11851, DN 25 to DN 50, with or without lateral cleaning valve
  • Other connection flanges according to former DIN standards
  • Special installation or connection orientation
  • Special scales such as dual ranges, fine-division (with knife-edge pointer) Stationary red pointer on the dial, or with external adjustment)
  • Maximum indicating pointer, external adjustment
  • Window acryl glass or polycarbonate (only for display ranges ≥ 0...100 mbar)
  • Micro-adjustable pointer, mechanism aluminum
  • Diaphragm with protection foil: PTFE (> 40 mbar, vacuum tight), sealing PTFE; Fine-silver (> 160 mbar, vacuum tight), sealing FPM; Tantalum (> 160 mbar, vacuum tight upon request), sealing PFTE, others upon request
  • Up to 10-times overload protection, but max. 40 bar (600 psi) for measuring flange Ø 100 mm (3.94“) max. 2.5 bar (40 psi) for measuring flange Ø 160 mm (6.3“)
  • Other filling fluid, silicone oil for temp. down to -40 °C (flange sealing PTFE)
  • Version for temperatures > 100 °C
  • Electrical accessories



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