Bourdon tube pressure gauge, special version type MRE-g for separators

Product description

Possible areas of application Bourdon tube pressure gauge, special version type MRE-g for separators for flow measurement

SIKA manometers for separators with 63 mm stainless-steel housing are especially suitable for flow measurement dependent on the pressure on the separators. Depending on the separator, various display ranges are available.



Display ranges
Multiple scales in bar, l/h and USg/h.

Case type
The stainless steel case is available with a crimped-on ring. Case ventilation is provided by a pressure equalisation insert.

Technical features

Technical features

Special version for separators for flow measurement
Display ranges

0...1 bar to 0...2.5 bar
150...400 l/h to 2000...16 000 l/h
40...100 USg/h to 1000...4300 USg/h
Nominal size 63 mm
Mechanical design Stainless steel case with crimped-on ring
Connection at bottom, G¼ B Brass
EN 837-1 accuracy Class 1.6

Maximum pressure load

Static load
Dynamic load


75% of full-scale value
65 % of full-scale value
2-times full-scale value

Degree of protection according to EN 60529 IP65
Storage temperature -20 to 70 °C
Ambient operating temperature -20 to 60 °C
Media temperature 60 °C max.


  • GL type approval certificate available



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