Digital thermometers

The SolarTemp and DiTemp series offers remarkable features and performance characteristics for local indication of temperature. Consistent accuracy and freedom from maintenance for the entire lifespan of the product is thus combined in one instrument.

The DiTemp and SolarTemp have an easily readable LCD display. Two different types of display are available.

Remote-working thermometers are also available. These are considerably easier to install since routing a flexible electrical cable presents few problems compared to a rigid capillary tube. The sensor is connected to the display unit by a plug connector. A front pane of hardened glass with FDA approval is available for food applications.


  • No maintenance whatsoever required over the lifespan of the product through the use of a photovoltaic cell for artificial light from 50 lux or a lithium battery with aservice life of approx. 10 years
  • Because these instruments do not have a mechanical measuring mechanism, they are extremely vibration-proof and wear-free
  • Optionally available with analogue output or freely programmable switching contacts
  • The integrated transducer saves space as well as acquisition and installation costs
  • Easy to read display, both analogue and digital


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