Turbine flow sensor for potable water applications series VTY10 brass threaded


Product description

Possible areas of application Turbine flow sensor series VTY brass threaded

Turbine flow sensors of the series VTY were specially developed for the use in potable water mass production applications.
Sensors of the series VTY are used among others for the measurement of tap water.



Measuring principle
The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is split into individual jets by the flow straightener. These jets hit the rotor evenly, setting the rotor in motion. The rotation speed of the rotor is then converted to an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotor is fitted with magnets and a Hall effect sensor detects the rotation of the rotor.
A flow-proportional frequency signal (square-wave signal) is made available.
Given the uniform inflow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel themselves out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials - sapphire and hard metal - also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance.


  • Low wear and extremely long durability due to high quality bearing
  • Practically no deviation in mass production due to fixed pulse rate
  • Insensitive against water hammers
  • Proven in numerous mass production applications
  • High measuring accuracy, mostly independent of fitting position due to integrated flow straightener





NSF-Certificate available for types:

Technical features

Technical features

Measurement range 1...30 l/min
Accuracy ±1 % of range
Signal output From 0.7 l/min
Nominal diameter DN 10
Pressure rating PN 16
Medium temperature 0...90 °C (non-freezing), temporary 95 °C
Ambient temperature 0...70 °C
Process connection G½ male
Output signal Square wave frequency signal, NPN open collector
Pulse rate / K-factor 495 pulses/l
Electrical connection PVC-cable, double insulated (1 m), optional single wire
Power supply 4.5...24 VDC


Further details and accessories can be found in the datasheet.


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