Push-in flow sensor Type VTY20


Product description

Possible areas of application Push-in flow sennsor Type VTY20

Push-in flow sensors of the type VTY20 were specially developed for the installation in fittings and feature an easy and space-saving system integration. Typical applications for these flow sensors are:

  • Tap water detection
  • Water treatment
  • Leak detection



Measuring principle
The liquid flowing into the turbine flow sensor is split into individual jets by the flow straightener. These jets hit the rotor evenly, setting the rotor in motion. The rotation speed of the rotor is then converted to an electrical pulse signal (frequency): The rotor is fitted with magnets and a Hall effect sensor detects the rotation of the rotor.
A flow-proportional frequency signal (square-wave signal) is made available.
Given the uniform inflow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel themselves out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials - sapphire and hard metal - also guarantee an exceptionally long endurance.

The push-in flow sensors consist of two components: A push-in turbine and a Hall effect-sensor. This construction is the key for the space-saving installation. A high quality sapphire bearing guarantees a long durability of the measuring system and allows the measurement of low flow rates from one litre per minute  due to low start-up velocities.

  • Low deviation in mass production, fixed pulse rate
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Low wear and extremely long durability due to high quality bearing
  • Compact dimensions
  • Proven in numerous mass production applications





NSF-Certificate available for types:


Technical features

Technical features

 Push-in turbine
Flow range 1...60 l/min
Accuracy ±1 % of range ±1 % of reading
Repeatability ±1 %
Signal output From 0.8 l/min
Medium temperature 0...90 °C
Nominal diameter DN 20
Hall effect sensor
Nominal pulse rate
Frequency output
119 pulses / l
Square wave - frequency signal, NPN open collector
Power supply 4.5...24 VDC
Electrical connection

80 mm single wire with Molex Mini-Fit® Jr. plug connector
optional: 0.5 m PVC cable
Pressure rating PN 16


Further details and accessories can be found in the datasheet.



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