Flow monitor Type VH501


Product description

Possible areas of application Flow monitor Type VH501

SIKA flow monitors keep measurement of the flow of low-viscosity liquids in pipelines. Our SIKA VH501 paddle flow switches are particularly suitable for oil flow monitoring for traction transformers e.g. in:

  • the electrical industry or
  • in rail transport.



Paddle principle
The flowing medium hits the plate secured to the end of a paddle. The resulting dynamic pressure causes the paddle to travel. This, in turn, causes the actuation of a micro switch.

Technical features

Technical features

Oil flow monitoring for traction transformers
Insertion installation into pipes

DN 65...DN 100
(DN 25...DN 50 on request)
Switching function
Change over contact or two change over contacts

Flanged version 6 m³/h at increasing flow for DN 65 pipes
Threaded version 10 m³/h at increasing flow for DN 80 pipes
Pressure rating (Test pressure) Max. 10 bar (14 bar)
Thread connection

Flange, oval, 2 holes without O-ring groove
Flange, round, 4 holes without O-ring groove
Screw in connection G1 male
Vibration proof IEC61373 4g

Temperature ranges



-40...120 °C
-40...100 °C
-40...100 °C

Electrical connection Direct cabeling, QC terminals 2.8 x 0.5 mm
Change over contact,
max. contact rating

48 VDC, 1 A resistive load
110 VDC, 0.5 A resistive load / 0.2 A inductive load
250 VAC, 6 A resistive load
Degree of protection EN 60529 IP68 and IP69K

 * Other setpoints on request


Further details can be found in the datasheet.


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