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The need for flow and level measurement can have several reasons: Process reliability, consistent product quality, environmental protection - to name just a few reasons. Therefore, industrial flow measurement will become increasingly important in the future. With our extensive product range in the field of flow measurement technology, you can measure flow velocities in liquids, gases and vapours. A large number of different measuring principles, such as impeller sensors in turbines, magnetic inductive, vortex, oval gear, gearwheel or electronic flow sensors are available to you for this purpose.

Level monitors monitor limit levels, for example to prevent dry running or overfilling of a container. The measured value is then output via switch contacts. In order to use these switches correctly, their positions must be determined before installation and the switches must be adapted to the conditions.

We are your full-range supplier in flow measurement technology. The areas of application of our products range from flow measurement in large HVAC projects to the exact quantity measurement of additives in large diesel engines on the high seas to the precise dosing of additives in concrete production.

Flow switches

SIKA has been manufacturing flow switches for liquids for more than 45 years. This know-how sets us apart from other manufacturers and allows you to draw from our extensive modular system.

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Vortex flow sensors

SIKA vortex flow sensors are not subject to mechanical wear. Made of sturdy, glass-fibre reinforced plastic, brass or stainless steel, they guarantee maximum durability and performance.

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Magnetic inductive flow sensors

Magnetic-inductive flow sensors, MID for short, use a measuring method based on electromagnetic induction. Here, the sensor generates an electrically usable signal from the flow.

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Turbine flow sensors

Turbine flow sensors are transducers for measuring volume flow or for dosing tasks for liquids. Due to their particularly compact design, their very wide measuring range and their convincing measuring accuracy, there are almost unlimited application possibilities.

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Positive displacement flow sensors

The high-precision positive displacement flow sensors work according to the displacement principle. The high resolution combined with reliable measuring accuracy make the transducers particularly interesting for applications measuring small and very small volumes.

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Oval gear flow meter

Oval gear flow meters are displacement volume meters that transport defined partial volumes in individual measuring chambers. The measuring element consists of two high-precision, toothed oval wheels which are driven by the flow of the medium and roll on top of each other.

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Calorimetric flow monitors

The VE calorimetric flow monitor can be used to monitor liquid media for falling below a specified flow rate. It is characterised by its robust design, uncomplicated operation and high reliability.

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Flow limiter

SIKA flow limiters were developed to keep the flow of water-like media constant at a certain value. They ensure that this flow rate value is kept constant or not exceeded even with fluctuating pressures.

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Level switches

SIKA level switches are the simple and reliable solution for monitoring liquid levels. The proven float principle and a potential-free contact as a signal transmitter offer high functional reliability.

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