Dear customer, dear partner

We are glad to be able to inform you that SIKA is fully functional and will meet the vast majority of promised delivery dates. The high order intake in one product area may lead to extended delivery time of one, maximum two weeks.

As a precaution based on to the general economic outlook we have decided for partial short time working. We will still maintain our reliable customer and delivery service as usual.

With the exception on Fridays all incoming deliveries will get received at our premises as usual.

You can currently expect our usual delivery times for new orders also. We would, of course, be grateful for an early order placement. There will be no despatch on Fridays.

Our forwarders sometimes report difficulties to deliver shipments to our customers. To avoid unnecessary cost for you we kindly ask us to inform if there are any delivery restrictions on your side.

So far we have not seen a Corona infection at our company and only a few suspected cases near to us. As a precaution measurement we have sent a few exposed staff home and a few others are working from home office.

SIKA is still working in two-shift mode. This will increase the space between staff and in case there is an infection a second shift team is available to keep business and service running for you.

Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the reference "Please call back" in case you are not able to get prompt contact to your usual SIKA partner

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