Special versions and accessories

Mechanical parts as well as glass inserts of our standard types are produced in automated manufacturing processes. However, the glass inserts of special versions, e. g. high temperature versions are still produced by our glassblowers in traditional handcraft. Thanks to our long-year experience, we are in the position to produce custom versions on request. You can obtain popular types from us off the shelf or within a few days.

Thermometers with condensation barrier

  • Nominal size
    150 mm
  • Thermometer type
    Straight, Angle 90°
  • Display ranges
    -30...50 °C, -10...50 °C
  • Immersion tube length
    63, 100 mm


Immersion tubes for industrial version

  • Material
    Standard brass
  • Diameter
    10 mm (type B / Da)
    6.5 mm (type Dc)




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