Bi-metal dial thermometers

Our local reading industrial thermometers operate on the bi-metal coil principle. The bi-metal coil is enclosed in a stainless steel immersion tube and exposed to the temperature of the measured medium. The coil twist varies with rising or falling temperature. This twist acts directly on the pointer via an axle. The resulting pointer deflection is therefore proportional to the change in temperature.

All models of SIKA bi-metal dial thermometers conform to EN 13190 Class 1.

Bi-metal dial thermometers types 621 - 681

  • Housing
    crimped-on ring case
  • Measuring system
    Bi-metal coil
  • Accuracy
    Class 1
  • Nominal sizes
     63, 80, 100, 125, 160 mm
  • Measuring range
    60 to 600 K
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