Diaphragm pressure gauges

Diaphragm pressure gauges are used to measure gases and liquids. They cover measuring spans from 10 mbar to 40 bar. The measuring element consists of one circular diaphragm clamped between a pair of flanges. The positive or negative pressure acting on these diaphragms causes deformation of the measuring element. The magnitude of the deformation is proportional to the pressure to be measured, and it is coupled to the pointer mechanism.

Diaphragm pressure gauge type MPE

  • Nominal size
    100 and 160 mm
  • Display ranges
    0...10 mbar to 0...40 bar (unfilled)
    0...40 mbar to 0...40 bar (filled)
  • Mechanical design
    Bayonet ring case
  • Case filling
    None or glycerine
  • Connection material
    Stainless steel 316L
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