ModulSensor System

The measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity, flow or fill level is a core element in numerous industrial applications for process monitoring and control. Strict requirements regarding the quality of the manufactured products, e.g., in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs or automotive industry, determines the specification of the sensors. To deliver consistant results at all times, they must remain reliable, precise, robust, but also intelligent under the most varied operation conditions.

To meet these strict requirements, we present our new ModulSensor System. Reliable and rugged thanks to stainless steel connections and a housing made of glass-fibrereinforced plastic; precise and intelligent with equipment features that can be adapted to customer needs.

As a result, it is possible to use a module to assemble costeffective limit switches, transmitters with HART signals, wireless transmitters, or fully-equipped sensors with a display and HART signals. In addition, all sensors can be supplied with industry-standard electrical plug connectors. Equipped in this way, our ModulSensors are the optimum solution for all your measuring tasks.

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