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Turbine flow sensor for fresh water stations and water treatment systems

The new turbine flow sensor VTY25 from the measuring and calibration instruments specialist SIKA ensures reliable and accurate flow measurement both in fresh water stations and in water treatment systems thanks to its sophisticated design. Even in places without much room for installation, the compact design ensures accurate flow measurement and impresses thanks to its low wear and extremely long service life. The drinking water hygienic suitability can be confirmed according to the 1+ method. A WRAS approval is also pending.

The new turbine flow sensor VTY25 in nominal diameter DN25 ensures excellent measuring accuracy. For example, reliable pin detection already triggers a signal output from 0.8 l/min and is largely independent of the installation position thanks to the integrated flow straightener.

Made from sturdy brass or as a push-in, the turbine flow sensor type VTY25 has been developed with an optimised pressure drop. The high-quality bearing leads to reduced wear and an extremely long service life.

“Made in Germany” quality – SIKA is an expert in the HVAC industry. In the heart of Germany, we develop and produce high-quality and durable products. With over 30 years of experience and more than 3 million VTY turbine sensors sold, we are always a reliable partner.

VTY25 Technical data:

Pipe section material                 Brass
Measuring range                          1...90 l/min
Measuring accuracy                   ± (1% of range + 1% of reading)
Repeatability                                ±1%
Signal output                                From 0.8 l/min
Medium temperature                 0...90 °C
Ambient temperature                0...70 °C
Pressure rating                            PN 16
Nominal diameter                       DN 25
Process connection                   G 1¼ male thread
Measuring sensor                       Hall effect sensor
Output signal                               Square wave frequency signal, NPN open collector
Duty cycle                                    50:50
Pulse rate / K-factor                 72 pulse/l
Electrical connection               80 mm single wires with Molex Mini-Fit® Jr. Plug (part number 0039014036) optional: 0.5 m PVC cable
Supply voltage                            4.5...24 VDC