Product innovations

Tried and tested design? Now even better.

There’s a new addition to the SIKA VMI family! With the new nominal diameter of DN 2, you can now reliably measure the smallest flow rates in dosing applications. The measuring range and accuracy of nominal diameters DN 7 and DN 10 have also been expanded.

The sensors of the induQ® VMI series allow a flow rate measurement of electrically conductive liquids without moving parts. These are the ideal flow sensors when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

The VMI family has been expanded to include the nominal diameter DN 2. This means that the smallest flow rates can now also be measured reliably in dosing applications. The nominal diameters DN 7 and DN 10 have also been improved. With the significantly expanded measuring range, the measuring span for the measuring devices of the two nominal diameters has increased from the previous 1:60 to 1:300.

The smart flow sensors of the induQ® series work according to the magnetic inductive principle: the measuring pipe is surrounded by a magnetic field. If an electrically conductive medium with the flow rate to be determined flows through the measuring pipe and thus enters the magnetic field at a right angle, a charge is induced which is proportionate to the mean flow velocity and tapped by two electrodes. For an output signal which is proportionate to the flow rate, there are two versions available: the frequency output signal and the analogue and frequency output signal. The pulse rate can be configured at the factory depending on the type.