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MEORGA Bochum 2022

Bochum - Germany


Visit us at the Meorga MSR special trade fair in Bochum.
We will show you how you can make your daily work easier. Get to know the advantages of the new functions of our temperature calibrators.

SIKA Feature Fireworks
Calibration in the temperature range from -55...700 °C
With our temperature calibrators of the TP Premium family, you can use the full potential in calibration. With the best stability, the TP Premium series reaches a temperature range of -55...700 °C. The revolutionary state control ensures the shortest calibration time with maximum accuracy.

Save time with automatic calibration
The patented camera function makes it possible for the first time to automatically calibrate test items that only have a direct temperature display. The camera system automatically takes a picture of the DUT display at each calibration point. This allows the user to pursue other activities during the entire calibration.

Calibrate even easier with Easy Mode 
Sometimes things just have to be done quickly. That's why our TP Premium temperature calibrators have the new Easy Mode.
You simply enter a temperature via the digital numeric keypad and the calibrator ramps up to the desired temperature. For easy operation with the greatest possible variety of functions at the same time.

Calibrate comfortably from a distance with WebApp
Set up a calibration process conveniently from your computer or smartphone? Of course with SIKA.
With our new WebApp, you can view and control ongoing or completed calibration processes on your computer or smartphone. And without additional software, because you simply open the WebApp via your browser.

SIKA temperature calibrators have been "Made in Germany" for 40 years - and that as the only German manufacturer.