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The room condition monitor RCM 880, combined with the SIKA multisensor E03 simultaneously records humidity, temperature and pressure from one measuring point. The robust measuring system was specially designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, and reliably safeguards the operation of plants, machines, production halls and warehouses.

Each day, measuring and monitoring various parameters is an essential part of making sure your systems and machinery work safely and reliably. Strong vibrations, impacts or high temperature fluctuations put the products to the test each and every day. This is why it’s im-portant to use high-quality and reliable products.

Room condition monitor RCM 880

The RCM 880 simultaneously records humidity, temperature and pressure in the engine or machine room. The digital 3-channel analogue output (e.g. 4...20 mA) allows the measured values to be transferred safely and securely. This can easily be integrated into your system. The robust design means that the RCM 880 can reliably withstand vibrations of as much as up to 5gand ambient temperatures of -20 °C...70 °C.

Easy and intuitive to use: A large matrix-LCD screen with backlight reliably shows you all the values you need, even in dark rooms. The parameters are displayed in a graphic trend dia-gram on the screen. The dirt-resistant keyboard can even be used in dusty and oily environ-ments. With the plug connected, it fulfils degree of protection IP65

Digital multisensor

The multisensor E03 has an impressive degree of accuracy across the full measuring range. At just one measuring point, it records the humidity, temperature and pressure. The replaceable filter protects the system from dust and other contamination – to ensure a reliable operation and long service life.

Permanent monitoring with the room condition monitor RCM 880 is sure to safeguard the operation of your systems, machines, production halls and warehouses.

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