Product innovations

Large calibration volume with the quickest cooling time

Want to calibrate many sensors at once? Of course you can, with SIKA. With its massive calibration volume of Ø 60x150 mm, the TP 37450E.2 temperature calibrator calibrates an even greater number of devices under test at the same time. The patented ventilation system also ensures even shorter calibration times.

For 40 years, SIKA has been established as the leading manufacturer of mobile temperature calibrators. With an eye to the future, SIKA are expanding the advantages of its tried and tested TP Premium series. While SIKA’s mid-range temperature segment devices reach a maximum of 255 °C, the TP 37450E.2 will shake up the market. While typical limit temperature ranges from competitors have reached 350 °C so far, SIKA reaches 450 °C effortlessly with the TP 37450E.2. And this is at its greatest calibration volume of Ø 60x150 mm. This allows a large number of devices under test to be calibrated at the same time – a clear saving of time.

The patented and revolutionary ventilation system from SIKA achieves the quickest cooling time on the mobile temperature calibrator market. Used for the first time in the TP 37450E.2, the block is ventilated directly, enabling a greatly reduced cooling time. The large calibration volume and the unique ventilation system ensure a calibration which is clearly efficient in terms of both time and cost.

The TP 37450E.2 is the only multi-functional calibrator for the most varied temperature sensors in the mid-range temperature segment. As well as dry block calibrations, infrared thermometers and surface sensors can also be calibrated. One device for different calibrations – this saves space and money.