Product innovations

Flow sensors without moving parts

High quality flow sensors, made of brass or stainless steel. The new SIKA Vortex flow sensors VVX32 and VVX40 are characterized by their robust design and optimized temperature measurement and are perfectly suited for use in large heat pumps and industrial plants, for example.

The SIKA VVX series is growing! In the nominal sizes DN32 and DN40, the vortex flow sensors extend the proven SIKA series. As reliable in-line devices, they are installed directly in the pipeline and are based on the principle of the Kármán vortex street. Their integrated bluff body creates vortices in the flowing medium, which act alternately on the piezo-electric force sensors. In order to achieve optimum protection even against aggressive and contaminated media, the force sensors are completely encapsulated in plastic. Due to their design without moving parts, they do not give mechanical wear a chance.

Highest durability and performance: SIKA's high-quality vortex flow sensors are manufactured either in brass or robust stainless steel. They withstand permanent loads and are characterized by their stability and long service life.